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Chicago Corporate Compliance – Organization-Wide Coordination

By: Ted Banks

Employee Communication Tools

At the heart of every Chicago Corporate Compliance and regulatory concern is organization-wide coordination. Even if top executives and leaders are well prepared to combat the latest compliance risks, employees throughout all levels of the organization need to be equally prepared. A failure to communicate, train, and educate your employees massively increases your organization’s exposure to risks, and it only takes one compliance failure to cause dire financial setbacks and consequences. Internal organizational communication is paramount to the mitigation of corporate compliance risks, and the following tools will help you adhere to the latest regulations.

Digital Communications and UCC

Unified Communications and Collaboration platforms are becoming more and more necessary for large organizations. In the past it was common practice to send an email to a corporate-wide distribution list to warn and educate employees of the latest and greatest threats, but there are better ways to communicate these days. Unified communications platform integrate voice mail, email, and even video, so you can distribute a voice message or video conference to mobile devices concerning the latest compliance news to employees no matter where they are.

Corporate Policy Documentation

There are a variety of documents that can serve as communication tools for employees as well. For example, an employee code of conduct document and other ethics related documentation can teach an employee from day one how to behave in an organization. Teaching new hires from day one what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t will help reduce your corporate compliance risk.

Face to Face Interactions

Face to face talks and team meetings are another valuable tool to have in your compliance tool belt. Instead of sending digital messages to employees and providing documentation, a face to face meeting will help ensure your message is received. Furthermore, an in-person meeting will help provide feedback from your employees. Sometimes an employee may not fully understand what you want from an email, and personal interactions will help give employees an accurate understanding of compliance requirements. Group meetings are an absolutely essential employee communication tool to decrease the risk of compliance failure.

Intranet Tools

You absolutely need to have a digital location dedicated to internal communications. Private message boards and specialized home pages can help every employee who accesses your corporate network (the overwhelming majority of your employees) receive the latest corporate news. It is very simple to update a home page with a daily message that gets read by your employees, no matter how large your organization is. It has never been easier to send a message to your employees.

Training and e Learning

Many modern corporations implement some type of e Learning to keep their employees up to date on the latest industry trends and developments. Common types of software and online training programs allow an organization to create new personalized training content. This type of technology provides a great platform to rapidly educate mass amounts of topical compliance information on the fly. Some organizations even use web-casting as a means to train their employees.

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