A company’s commitment to operating its business with integrity is expressed in the policies it presents to its employees – and to the world. We can assist in developing policies that address the company’s risks, and communicating the corporate position clearly. Many corporations turn to law firms to develop compliance programs, which frequently results in program that is only marginally effective. In addition to being extremely expensive, lawyers almost always develop mini-treatises on some area of law that ignore the employee point of view, and the way they communicate. The net result is not only a failure to communicate information to employees, but an overall negative impact on employee attitudes with regard to compliance. Our staff or lawyers and non-lawyers focus on what employees need to know to do their jobs and do so in a way they immediately understand and appreciate.

  • We can assist with the creation of company compliance policies to address key risk areas, with a common look-and-feel, and ease of understanding.
  • If appropriate, we can create a system to coordinate “policies” from all departments.
  • We can develop rules for policy management: creating, retiring, using a common format, storing in a common location.
  • We can assist in implementing commercially available automated policy management systems.
  • We can help you develop a training and communication program designed to deliver compliance knowledge aligned to job responsibilities, including development of compliance “toolkits” for managers, and creation of a database of job types aligned with compliance risks.
  • We can assist in the internal development of training programs for employees, or guide you through the selection of a commercial training vendor so that the right courses are deployed as part of your program to manage compliance risks.