Although there are common legal compliance issues faced by all companies, your program needs to focus on your risks. We can assist by helping you conduct a thorough risk assessment, so you can identify the risks that face your company, and prioritize them for attention. A risk assessment is a key to creating an effective compliance program. We can easily integrate this into existing enterprise risk management programs, to minimize disruption to existing corporate processes.

The risk assessment process would include:

  • Identification of general and industry or company-specific risks.
  • Evaluation of significance based on likelihood of occurrence and severity of impact.
  • History of civil litigation, prosecution.
  • Reputational and social issues, including media attention to legal or other issues.

It would also include an analysis of the possible adverse compliance impact from changes to corporate structure.

  • Review of lost head count: Did discharged employees have compliance responsibilities?  Create system to analyze impact and correct gaps.
  • Outsourcing of human resources or other departments: Were compliance-related functions lost?
  • Have compliance responsibilities been delegated to minority/majority owner of business unit or joint-venture partner?
  • Have there been recent acquisitions, particularly outside of United States?  Was there adequate due diligence focused on compliance?
  • International risk assessment: prioritization and examination based on corruption indices, size of business, strategic importance