We can help in ensuring that business practices are conducted in accordance with antitrust (competition) laws, and that employees are educated in how not to violate these laws – intentionally or accidentally. Our programs are not “cookie cutter” but are tailored to the type of risks your company faces, and put in terms that each employee can understand.

  • Risk assessment focused on market strength. (unilateral conduct enforcement)
  • Identify commodity industries at increased risk of price-fixing due to economic pressure.
  • Examine industries undergoing transition in distribution systems resulting in structural changes that may trigger litigation based on displacements.
  • Development of trade/professional association protocols: index of employee/company participation, guideline preparation.
  • In the face of continuing aggressive FTC/DOJ enforcement with regard to mergers, we can analyze procedures to ensure that all parties (strategy staff, investment bankers, economists) are aware of legal rules
  • More aggressive enforcement inside and outside of the US (e.g., dawn raids in Europe) triggers need for training at all locations on proper procedures in the event of government raids (such as execution of search warrants)