The professionals at Compliance & Competition Consultants, LLC understand that you need to run a business, not operate a legal clinic.  Our focus starts with your business, your people, and your style.  We design compliance programs to fit the way you do business.  Our aim is to make sure that every employee knows his or compliance obligations, as part of his or her job, and is educated, empowered, enthusiastic, and proud to be working for you.

The complete compliance program involves a risk assessment to identify and prioritize compliance risks for your company, creation of tools to address the risks (usually a combination of employee education and business controls), development of employee communication materials, such as a code of ethics and policies on specific subjects, development of training programs, alignment of risk areas to employee responsibilities, establishment of anonymous reporting systems, creation of incentives for compliance, and evaluation of compliance systems.

We can tailor a program to fit the size of your company, your industry, and your own corporate culture.  We can assist in the choice of vendors for anonymous reporting systems (“hotlines”), computer-based training programs, records management systems, and management reporting tools.  If you already have a system in place, our communications professionals can revise your current materials to be more user-friendly without starting from scratch.  And we know how to build business policies and processes to accomplish your business objectives while remaining in compliance with all applicable laws.

The professionals at Compliance & Competition Consultants, LLC can assist with all of the following:

  • The creation of company compliance policies to address key risk areas, with a common look-and-feel, and ease of understanding.
  • Our writing team can help create or revise a general code of conduct, printed or electronic form.
  • We can help you develop a training and communication program designed to deliver compliance knowledge aligned to job responsibilities.
  • Where appropriate, we can work with you to develop business controls to reduce the likelihood of violation.
  • We can examine your current program against applicable published standards, such as exchange listing requirements, state rules, country-specific guidelines, US government contractor requirements, agency specific rules, or international organization guidelines.
  • We can review your compliance program with regard to risks that might be created by third parties.