Ted Banks Speaking April 21st at 1 pm EDT

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Ted Banks will be a featured speaker at a webinar on April 21 at 1 PM EDT, Designing and Implementing Competition Law Policy and Training.  This CLE webinar will provide guidance to business counsel regarding competition law practices in business transactions, particularly for sales personnel training and business guidance in communications. The panel will discuss… Read more »

Business Compliance Programs

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Improving Your Business Compliance Program By: Ted Banks Businesses are spending more money on compliance programs with each passing year. It seems that more and more organizations have a need for compliance and regulatory adherence today than in the recent past. Unfortunately, businesses don’t always opt for external third party compliance expertise. Instead, they attempt… Read more »

Compliance – Is Your Advertising and Marketing Substantiated?

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Is Your Advertising and Marketing Substantiated? By: Ted Banks Every company wants to advertise that its products are better than the competition, providing benefits that will convince consumers to buy. Food companies almost always want to promote their products as having health benefits. Sometimes companies will seize upon some slender thread of evidence to make… Read more »

Compliance Officers and Personal Liability

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Compliance Officers and Personal Liability: Could This be the Riskiest Corporate Job? By: Ted Banks In December 2014, a 57-page complaint filed by the U.S. Attorney in Manhattan sought to impose personal liability on the former compliance officer for MoneyGram International, Thomas Haider. It alleges that he willfully or recklessly failed to stop money laundering… Read more »

The Pillars of Business Compliance Programs

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By: The Principals at Compliance & Competition Consultants, LLC There are many well defined components of business compliance programs, and it takes a lot of responsibility and diligence to make sure every level of your business is operating in accordance with the law. Between the constantly changing laws, rules, and regulations, it can seem like… Read more »