The DOJ’s Antitrust Compliance Guidelines: Shame on You if You Were Surprised — Now Use Them!

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For many years the DOJ took the position that its primary tool to encourage compliance with the antitrust laws was its amnesty/leniency program, whereby the first party to voluntarily reveal that it has committed an antitrust violation may qualify for complete amnesty from criminal prosecution. Everyone else was out of luck, no matter what kind… Read more »

Ted Banks Speaking April 21st at 1 pm EDT

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Ted Banks will be a featured speaker at a webinar on April 21 at 1 PM EDT, Designing and Implementing Competition Law Policy and Training.  This CLE webinar will provide guidance to business counsel regarding competition law practices in business transactions, particularly for sales personnel training and business guidance in communications. The panel will discuss… Read more »

10 Steps to an Effective Compliance Program under the Sentencing Guidelines

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By: Ted Banks Corporate compliance programs are essential for any business which hopes to achieve long term success. Failing to meet the compliance program standards articulated by the Federal Sentencing Guidelines increases that odds that your business will have a compliance problem that may lead to financial penalties and perhaps even jail time. Why do… Read more »

Reasons behind Corporate Compliance Programs

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By: Ted Banks If you currently lack a compliance program, you might be wondering why people implement corporate compliance programs, codes of conduct, and ethical practices in the first place. The truth is that there is no single reason. There are a wide variety of reasons that businesses need corporate compliance programs. Laws and regulations… Read more »

Compliance Program Liability

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The Most Critical Threats to Your Business in Chicago By: Ted Banks Compliance programs and liability concerns are incredibly important for your business and its employees. Though businesses and corporations are really beginning to understanding the importance of compliance liability programs, there are still many businesses that don’t have the necessary systems in place. The… Read more »

Chicago Business Training Programs

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Increasing Training Efficiency By: Ted Banks Business training programs are absolutely key to mitigating your threat of compliance risks. The training program acts as a distribution channel for training content, education, and awareness, and it is the lifeblood of your compliance efforts. It doesn’t matter how meticulously you create your corporate compliance structure if you… Read more »

Business Compliance Programs

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Improving Your Business Compliance Program By: Ted Banks Businesses are spending more money on compliance programs with each passing year. It seems that more and more organizations have a need for compliance and regulatory adherence today than in the recent past. Unfortunately, businesses don’t always opt for external third party compliance expertise. Instead, they attempt… Read more »

Corporate Federal Sentencing Guidelines

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Corporate Federal Sentencing Guidelines: The Consequences of Compliance Failure By: Ted Banks The Corporate Federal Sentencing Guidelines are no laughing matter, and as such, should not be taken lightly. These guidelines spell out in great detail what happens when people and organizations fail to adhere to the law, and the consequences are very severe. Basically,… Read more »

Challenges of Successful Corporate Compliance

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Challenges of Successful Corporate Compliance By: Ted Banks Modern corporate compliance is a pretty heavy concept. Organizations need to be coordinated at all levels to ensure that they don’t make an error born out of negligence or ignorance that could result in gargantuan fines and lost time. However, a successful corporate compliance program faces many… Read more »